FTFO Gallery

Shrimp and fish taco by Buster’s Sea Cove

Hey everyone! Sorry for the delay in posting these pics. I’ve been pretty sick and busy with school work so couldn’t get anything up on the blog.

Scroll down for some mouthgasmic photos at FTFO! I left early since I had to head back to class but I managed to eat 7 plates before feeling really stuffed. Good thing my partner in crime was there to help me chow it all down!

Fried Lobster and Boursin by Indian Fusion Food Truck
Osaka Rice Balls by m.e.n.u
Pulled Pork Mac n’ Cheese by Cheesery
Jerk Chicken by The Jerk Brothers
Breakfast poutine by The Egg Man
FTFO fried rice ball by m.e.n.u
Panorama view of FTFO before the madness
Look at these giant Sriracha bottle used as props for FTFO photos!

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