Happy Thanksgiving and Go #BlueJays!!

Happy Monday everyone! I loove it when Mondays are holidays.

So I realized that I haven’t published an outfit post in sooo long. In light of Startup Fashion Week, I decided that it’s about time I make a post. Although SFW was this past week, the spirit is still there, right?

This is one of the outfits that I wore during SFW. It was inspired by the Jays’ miraculous qualification to Postseason! I’m so thrilled that they made it this far. Can you believe the last time they did this was in 1993?! I’m seriously soo proud of them.


The last time I saw a live Jays game, I was 14. My older sister had gotten the tickets from her highschool year book committee and brought a couple of her friends, my younger sister and I to the game. We sat really far but enough to see the action.The crowd during that game obviously was not as lively. We ended up losing the game, and I remember vividly feeling so hopeless about them. I was thinking, the next time the Jays win I’ll be 40. Haha! Well, as you know, they could very well prove my 14 year old self wrong. I can’t wait to watch the 4th game later today! #GoBlueJays #cometogether By the way, these hashtags are trending on Twitter, so don’t forget to tweet and support the Jays!


Here, I’m wearing a fleece sleeveless throw from Aerie. It’s meant for sleepwear or for days curled up on the sofa watching TV, but hey, it’s so stylish, I couldn’t resist wearing it outdoors. I paired it with a grey turtleneck, but it looks great with a black turtleneck too! I have on sheer leathery tights and some lacey boots to give me some height, since the throw is quite long. The bag is a borrowed one from my sister. hehe. It’s so great though! I highly recommend it. It’s structured enough to put your schoolbooks and folders snuggly in, but not too structured that you feel like you have a cement on your back. To top everything off, I had to wear a Blue Jays hat of course! It’s from the winter edition last year–when it wasn’t very relevant but as we see a surge of winnings from the Jays, its time to pull it out again 🙂

 Hat: Lids

Top: Joe Fresh

Poncho: Aerie

Pants: Dynamite

Shoes: Browns

Bag: Nine West

A note on Thanksgiving (in case I don’t get the chance to do another post today):

 Since Thanksgiving is a time to reflect and express gratitude, I would like to give thanks to everyone in my life, especially my family and friends who have made my life that much more richer, brighter and better!

I hope you get the chance to give thanks to all those who have made positive impacts on your life. Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!




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