Winning Fab Finds

I’m a big fan of vintage items and thrifted goods. I’ve already mentioned that and the reasons here. But I didn’t mention the feeling of finding things that render the pleasurable feeling that I’ve done something right. Thrift goers will know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s akin to losing weight without working out or finding out the manager overpaid on the next paycheque, or even getting away with overeating on cheat days. Overall, thrifting makes you feel lucky. But luck might not always be on your side. There will be days when you walk in and think, what a pile of junk! And then finding yourself wistfully exiting the store drenched in disappointment.

However, things might turn out better if you plan ahead. By going in with a game plan, you can leave the thrift playground with a satisfying glowing aura. For first time thrifters, to conquer that victorious fab find efficiently, I recommend these tips:

  1. The heart knows what it wants. Know what you’re looking for! Need a pair of boots or dress pants? Go straight to that section before splitting to other sections of the store. This is crucial if you don’t want to waste time browsing everything you don’t need before hitting the stuff you really need.
  2. Be an earlybird. The one thing that I’m sure a lot of people can relate to is the fact that things can come and go quickly. So go early for fresh restocks and the good stuff! Some shops bring in new items everyday and chances are, the awesome ones are gone by end of day.
  3. Stick to your instinct. Make sure you snag the item you want and do not put it down! Once it’s gone, its gone forever, and regret can be a pain. Remember, there is only one of each item.

Did you know that thrifting can save lives? Check out my article Thrift to Shift to learn how your small acts of re- and up- cycling can make major positive waves in the world.




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